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Winter weather doesn’t have to be the enemy of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re a running fanatic or a casual jogger, you know the struggle of facing harsh elements that can take a toll on your lips. Don’t let the winter weather deter you from staying active, healthy, and motivated. That’s where CARMEX and RunThrough join forces to help you Stay in the Game!

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Did you know Carmex was born in a kitchen in 1937?The Carmex® history is one we’re proud of.

It all started with Alfred Woebling looking for something to treat his dry, chapped lips and because what he created worked so well, he started filling jars very much like the ones we use today and selling them door-to-door to pharmacies in Wisconsin. 

Over the years, Carmex has embraced the changing needs and desires of consumers – evolving packaging to include tubes and sticks, including flavour choices like cherry and regional ones reflecting local tastes. Alfred led the Carmex family business until his death in 2001 at the age of 100, when his son and grandsons picked up to carry on Alfred’s vision and torch for innovation

CARMEX®’s unique formula contains menthol, camphor and beeswax which are responsible for the famous CARMEX® tingle, leaving lips feeling moisturised, relieved,  and protected from the elements all year round. The majority of our products also contain SPF, protecting your pout from harmful UV Rays. CARMEX® lip balm is available in squeezable tubes and click sticks in addition to Alfred’s original pots. 

Try it for yourself and experience why this award-winning lip balm is a favourite of athletes and sports personalities all over the world, not to mention the UK’s 3rd bestselling brand!

Carmex is all about empowering athletes and runners to achieve their best with the right lip care! 

Join the ranks of champions who have made CARMEX an essential part of their winning routine. Don’t let lip discomfort hold you back – make the smart choice for your lips and your passion.

Stay in the game with CARMEX – because true champions never settle for anything less than the best.